Friday, July 21, 2006

bandai game..

bandai asked us to come up with a viral to help
sell there latest toy, they have warehouses
full of them that are just not selling in the uk.
the toy basically nods its head yes or no to
questions you ask it.. all this for 8 quid!

although its target audience is for kids and teen
girls i think its probably older people, with
money, that are going to buy them.

i designed the game to look like it was made in
japan.. very cute and colorful.
overall i am quite happy with the game's look
and its also turned out fairly playable. al, who
works with us, came up with the music which is
awesome but there is a sound off button in the
bottom right corner just in case:)
cool, enjoy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

wrong toy...

as some you may know we have had a vinyl toy in the
pipeline for the last 2 years or so. the whole project was
pretty much stopped in its tracks last year when the toy's
prototypes where stolen from toy2r in hong kong.
since then i have designed a new toy that will be coming
out with another hong kong company called red magic.
the toy will be part of a series called "love original project",
which has a rather ambitious 30 artists contributing.

the toy prototype was shown at the recent taipei toy festival,
the prototype still needs some work but i am really exited about
seeing the final toy. i should hopefully have pictures of the final
version next week so i will post them then. till then here is a
rather doggy photo of the toy ( this is not the final pose ;)