Thursday, June 15, 2006

piston junkies now in 3D!!

well finally, after nearly a year and a half, the piston junkies
video is done. to be fair, we did only work on it in between
paying jobs so it took slightly longer than it should have.

stu has done an awesome job with the animation and the
music by long range, nick smith & phil hartnell (ex. orbital),
has worked out brilliantly. overall its been really amazing
watching the transformation of my flat, 2 dimensional
designs into a vibrant animated 3d world.

click here to watch the video

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

stereo head

this is a quick character i threw together
in my spare time. it's a bit of a lazy approach
as i just mirrored the image (slack i know :)
i am quite happy with the way the line work
turned out, using flash to draw in is always a
bit hit and miss with line quality.

Monday, June 05, 2006


i drew this up in flash to use as a t-shirt
print for our wrong range of clothing.
we might have to use a digital print method
as there may be a few too many colors for
traditional screen printing. the new wrong
range should be out in a month or so, i will
keep you posted :)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

egg mess..

i originally intended this as an easter card for kerb, but
didn't use it as i wasn't happy with the end result. its very
frustrating when you have a good idea in your head but
the transition to flash does not quite live up to it.
oh well, as my wife says, don't dwell on it too long.. start
something new instead.

welcome to tentacle soup..

hi all, well i have finally done it.. my very own blog!
my site has been down for a while so i thought this
would be good place for me to post some of my recent
illustration and flash work. so check back often as i
will hopefully update on a regular basis.